Garden Court Hotel

February 1, 2016


By Southern Sun, is situated on a prime piece of land located in Umhlanga Ridge, Durban. Adding to the stunning setting of the development, is the open park area in front of the building, ensuring that the development has uninterrupted views and is highly visible.

This phase was completed in May 2010.

The lighting to the hotel interiors was to also provide a contemporary feel which was in keeping with the colours, textures of natural reed and layering of geometric forms used in the interior design.

In all cases, but especially externally, glare and spill light had to be minimised.

The hotel interior is made up of various spaces, each with its own identity and function, with various architectural and interior design elements that link the spaces.   The lighting concept was to emphasize the various spaces, while providing common links.


Bar 2 Front Cover Reception Area Restaurant & buffet 2