Shareholders Announcement

March 9, 2017




QDP Lighting & Electrical Design (Pty) Ltd is proud to announce that as of the 1st March 2017, Christine Binedell and Alan Shepherd are now shareholders in the company.
Christine joined QDP in 1999 after studying architecture, while Alan joined in 2008 after studying engineering and working for 3 years in the consulting electrical engineering field.  They have become integral and indispensable assets to QDP, delivering unsurpassed levels of service to our clients, while displaying high levels of integrity and a cooperative team spirit.

A pivotal aspect of our service is the provision of continuity to ensure that our client’s business needs are taken care of well past the completion of their projects.  Christine and Alan taking up roles as shareholders ensures that this philosophy is perpetuated. Their interactive approach and dedication will ensure that QDP goes from strength to strength and we wish them well for the future.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their loyal support and undertake to continue to deliver the level of service which they expect and to which they have become accustomed.