QDP hard at work!

July 7, 2020

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As everyone is well aware by now, the construction industry has slowly started to ramp up on sites around the country.  Luckily for us, QDP had a few projects that were already on site prior to lockdown, so we never stopped working on refining or completing design work in the office (which became our homes) and over virtual meetings with others, so that when we were called back to site we were ready to go.

What that landed up doing is allow building works to go ahead as they should, with designs mostly out the way!  Not something we have been lucky enough to be able to do in recent years.  I am sure contractors all over are happy to actually have completed plans/designs before PC.

At QDP we are still taking the virus seriously and in an effort to diversify the risk to projects we are involved in, we will continue to work from home so that if any staff member does get sick, or come into contact with a person who has been tested to have the virus, then only that person needs to isolate and the rest of the office can assist on their projects.  We will continue to monitor the situation and advise when we are all back in the office, but for now please contact us via email or cell only.

Lastly, we would all like to thank our loyal Clients in keeping the projects running during this time and when we were not even on site, so that QDP can continue to keep its doors open.  We hope our efforts have shown that we do not allow any circumstances to stop us getting our work done timeously and with the same quality as before.

Keep safe and keep going, we will get there eventually!

Team QDP